What works best     

What works best

Examples of Preferred Layouts

Preferred Elements

  • Maximum 6 Lines of text
  • Text minimum of 100mm High
  • Colour combinations work well.
  • Choice of fonts clear and readable

In general, each of these layouts is easy to read. They all follow the 2 basic rules for this type of medium i.e. who are we…where are we and what we are. Each of these layouts will allow the viewer to digest the message in just a few seconds.

The more simple the artwork is, the more effective it can be.

Examples of less effective layout

Less effective elements

  • Too many lines of text
  • Text too small
  • Colour combinations are inappropriate
  • Choice of fonts eg. Clients logo not legible

The perception that the client is getting better value for money by having MORE text, is WRONG. In some instances, viewing time can be limited to just a few seconds which does not give the viewer time to comprehend the message.

Remember less is best when dealing with this kind of medium.

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