Artwork Requirements     

Artwork Requirements

Generally the identilite creative is produced in 2 different ways:

  1. Vinyl on polycarbonate (traditional Identilite Method).
  2. Digitally printed onto polycarbonate or poster.

The more traditional IdentiLite using vinyl on polycarbonate is usually limited to three colours with simple graphics. This method still makes up the majority of the IdentiLite panels produced. As a rule, any creative that requires detailed or photographic reproduction must be printed digitally.

Electronic logos & Images

Almost all graphics/logos today are generated on a computer. These images are more than likely bitmaps (TIFF or JPEG), but would have been generated as a vector format first. A vector formatted image is how we require the logo for the majority of our work.

  • Ascertains what type of creative is going to be supplied – i.e. is it a simple graphic produced in vinyl or is it a blended or photographic image that will be digitally printed
  • When we receive the logo, we require the logo file format as a computer generated file and if so, it has to be a vector file (EPS or Ai or PDF).

Vector Files

  • Vector Files are supplied as either “EPS” or “Ai” (Adobe Illustrator) files.
  • Vector Files means that the images are supplied as lines with colour fills, enabling the graphic or text to be cut with a plotter (vinyl).
  • These files are necessary for producing artwork which will be supplied as a vinyl on polycarbonate

Special Circumstances

If you or your design team cannot supply the logo as a vector file for vinyl cutting, but can be supplied as a TIFF or JPEG and consists of solid colour TEXT only, then the file will have to be converted to a vector file, which we can do. The file will have to be edited to eliminate any bumps etc. This process takes time and adds to the production cost and turn around time.


  • Bitmap files are required where the logo or graphic has a gradient (transition from one colour to another), or is a photographic.
  • A bitmap image consists of millions of small pixels, which form a graphic, just like on a TV screen.
  • These images cannot be cut in vinyl as there is no outline around each shape for a plotter to trace. They must be digitally printed.
  • The bitmap file needs to be supplied at a minimum of 100 dpi at full size for manufacture

Note: Bitmap files are larger than most file formats and if emailed will need to be smaller than 3 MB. If the image is greater than 3 MB, the file must be supplied one a CD and posted to us. We also have a FTP website (file sharing site), please contact your sales representative.


JPEG/ Photo File

Vector File


Please provide the corporate PMS colours so that we can detail correctly. As each computer screen is calibrated differently we could end up matching to a totally different colour if the PMS colours are not stated.

Advantages of Vinyl:

  • Colours last longer in outdoor conditions (especially in Qld)
  • Illuminates more brightly at night

Disadvantages of Vinyl:

  • Limited amount of colours to choose from
  • Cannot print gradients
  • Cannot print photographic images

Advantages of Digital Print:

  • Any colour can be printed
  • Can print photographic images

Disadvantage of Digital Print:

  • Colour fades faster than vinyl
  • Does not illuminate as well at night

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